As if Life didn't already send us challenges, we often proactively choose to add more to our plates. I added a sailboat. Why? Because I could. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that dreams stay such unless you act on them. New skills are usually not easily obtainable, so here I go. Bon Voyage!

Bow Tie Tuesday is a thing

 I started wearing bow ties to work every Tuesday about a year ago. I like the look and it reminds me of other good things. 

On Being on the Radio

This week I heard myself on the radio, SiriusXM to be exact. I recorded a session for the What Would You Play program on the Dave Matthews Band Channel for SXM, and I discovered it airing this past week. For those of you who didn't catch it, you didn't miss much. The songs are DMB staples -  Crash AATWT The Idea of You Dreaming Tree Crush Shake me Like a Monkey Ants. Each of these songs has significance to me, and sharing this significance and the songs, to me, was a way of letting the world know about me. We all want to be known in some small way - because 100 years from now there will not be a sole alive that knew me. I won't be in the history books (unless something changes dramatically and very soon). However, this little digital-ditty that I put together will survive - along with videos, pictures, and some paper memorabilia. We are living in a time where it is nearly impossible to NOT leave a digital legacy for your ancestors to find and learn from to find out who you